Our Company Profile

Late 90’s Mr Narulla kamurudin veljee, made a fiercely apposed decision to move from traditional practice and invest time and passion into the real estate sector as a entrepreneur three decades, hardcore presence in Goa’s capital city Panjim , adequate local knowledge and expertise. Our core value, deliver the best. Key stone doctrine to maximise the value to our customers Smooth sailing of space deal invited eminent builders like Rizvi builders– shaped projects by Ansals ,Jains ,Official entry into the field with companies like sita heritage, space constructions- served as a director, and added a list of important clients . Dealt with lot of disputed property deals , settled number of disputed issues, Tenants are satisfied and dispute solved with excellent negotiation skills. Mr Narulla’s philosophy ,lot of patience and convincing power in solving the disputes, Clean titled properties are made ready.

Director's Desk

Mr. Nurallah .K. Veljee and Mrs. Doris Theresa Veljee Managing Directors Responsible for the leadership of the firm taking personal accountably for its performance and services with 33yrs broad experience. He guides his team of professionals, covering a broad variety of specialties including land, commercial, retail, agricultural land, JV/Power Brokers, with vast experience as a consultant to the pioneer top real estate firms; Mr. Veljee is the guiding spirit of SpaceDeal Pvt. Ltd, a founding light. Last Three Decades of hard core presence in Goa’s Capital city Panjim assures successful sail. So far, with professional resources creativity and unmatched follow up. The online integration of our office provides dynamic layers of extraordinary tools for exposing our listing to maximize prospects backed by excellent back office support. Be advised “SPACEDEAL” makes the difference. Globally the nuances of SpaceDeal Management in the Real Estate Segment is witnessed to a paradigm shift covering various aspects from the colonnade of the contemporary to the realm of the future, in the facets of this journey, several milestone has been achieved by SpaceDeal making it the foremost i.e. first among equal aims to be one stop destination in the real estate space. As, Selling Spaces is Mr.Nurallah’s passion.

Our Achievements

Our Team

Mrs. June Mendes Singh

Business Head Mrs. June Mendes Singh, equipped with an MBA in International Market from Arizona USA, serves as a Business head, bringing along vast experience of over 20 years, varying from NCC, NIIT, Vatika and Brics. Dynamic lady corporate leader, Commands an aggressive approach to marketing which covers the entire bandwidth of Real Estate platform, while also mentioning her achievements in the pursuit.

Tomas Machado

Manager, HR & Admin Mr. Machado heads the HR department at SpaceDeal Pvt. Ltd. He has vast experience in the HR and Administration Department at CMM Group of Companies for 32 years. He oversees all Human Resources operations, including recruitment, compensation and benefits, learning and organization development, and employee engagement.

Sayed Akbar

Accounts Head Sayed Akabar heads the Accounts team. He has 26 years of work experience in the Accounts & Finance Team and has worked in companies such as MVR Infra Projects, Western India etc in Goa after a short 3 year stint in the Middle East. He is responsible for Finance, Accounts, Budgeting & Forecasting, Compliance, Audit and reporting at SpaceDeal Pvt. Ltd.


1. What is franchising?
A. It’s granting various rights between franchisor and franchisee to develop and operate and exercise those rights to run its business, under the guidance of the franchise Contractual relationship to make a profit.

2. How can franchising be used to develop or re-engineer a business?
A. Franchisee can be used in creation of a new business, development or conversion of a new business, PAN India or International expansion.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of franchising?
A. Advantages: Owner of his own business owns the tangible asset but does not own the good will, new business, gains entire business concept, training, assistance but not the risk and failure of the business, which are likely alone. Franchise Advantages:
All level of players under one roof
Results – Flow assured business
Expertise sharing – to sail on rough waters
Franchisee is not entirely entrepreneur, must adopt business system, and follow instructions, how to operate business for a renewal when it ultimately expires, can be lean on staff.

4. How can a business be franchised?
A. Franchisee to stand a chance of succeeding basic concept must be understood, Idea can’t be franchised, Concept proven to work into a business to be successful.

5. Are Franchisees generally allowed to sell their business?
A. No, they have an option for sub franchisee and cannot have the right to sell their business.

6. How can a franchise contract be terminated?
A. The Franchisor can terminate the contract if he violates the business norms that is he cannot do business other than ours ,After the mandatory Period or before expiry of the term you are most welcome to terminate the contract get your refundable amount within 30 days. If he does not wish to renew the yearly fee for keeping the franchisee alive, he may wish to do so by doing it in writing for us to release his deposit.

7. What Information should a Franchisor give to a prospective franchisee?
A. The types of information franchisee may have to disclose type of business, its corporate structure,whether it is a part of a group or one company. Business experiences of the franchisor its directors and its officials.

8. What Information should a franchisor request from the franchisee?
A. Career and employment history
Details of the type of business previously operated,
Financial records any charges on them.
Amount of non borrowed capital and the ability to outlay for franchisee operation.
Access to skilled or unskilled workforce
Ability to expand the business.

9. Are any performance guarantees given to a unit franchisee?

10. What is the anticipated percentage of returns on investment?
A. Its is minimum Rs 30 Lakhs per annum provided he spends sufficient time and works smartly.

11. What is the likely payback period of capital of franchisee?
A. Recovery within the first year of Operations

12. What type of property is required for this franchisee opportunity?
A. Any type of Real Estate. Buying, selling or on Lease.

13. Can a small player from GOA take this franchisee?
A. Yes it’s possible to take a franchisee without having experience, to take franchisee root, provided the client meets important critical factors of franchising.

14. How did you hear about us?
A. Online Marketing, Referral, Email Newsletter/Others

15. What is the AREA required for an Franchisee outlet?
A. 300 to 400 Sqft In a clean/good locality owned or leased premises, Ground/Upper floor, within a radius of 3 kms in the area preferred for the franchisee.Addidtional Rs 5 Lakh for furnishing the office as per our office norms, with basic equipments and a landline , with a work force of two sales people and Reception.